Kingdom Life Mandate

Ours is a God given mandate to teach, develop, equip, nurture, and groom people to become true representatives and effective members of the Kingdom of God. Our focus is in transforming the whole person (spirit, soul, and body) into the true image and likeness of God and thereby introducing, establishing, and entrenching a kingdom of God kind of life in every person. God has availed to us various ways and strategies to accomplish the Kingdom Life Mandate including the preaching, teaching, and ministration of the word through various platforms including seminars, symposiums, books, camps, online ministrations, groups, ministries and church services.

We also develop and equip people with various skills through our accredited training programs offered within our professional institute.

kingdom Life Mandate

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kingdom Life Mandate

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Kingdom Life Mandate offers a wide range of books and Christian materials mainly authored by…

kingdom Life Mandate

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Get life-transforming and powerful sermons which are anchored on manifesting a life…

kingdom Life Mandate

KLM Bible Institute

Kingdom Life Mandate Bible Institute is a new centre of spiritual empowerment aimed…

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We offer SAQA and Internationally Accredited Courses under our institute, Supreme HSEQ…

Books On Sale

The anointing

The Anointing:

The Spirit Within and Upon a Believer

In the place of the anointing, there is no substitute. The anointing plays a critical role in the life of a believer. The anointing does not just make a difference, but the anointing is the difference. This book is loaded with information on the anointing within and upon…

Divine Healing

Divine Healing:

Your Benefit in Christ.

In these last days where deadly sicknesses and diseases are on the increase, the Spirit of the Lord is raising the standard through Divine healing. Our redemption in Christ is not only limited to the salvation of our souls but includes the healing of our bodies from…

Supernatural Elevation

Supernatural Elevation:

Your Destiny in Christ.

Joseph, “The Dreamer”, was thrown in the pit and then sold to the Ishmaelites who also traded him like an object on auction which landed him in Potiphar’s house. Calamity after calamity, problem after problem, he was accused of attempting to rape Potiphar’s wife and ……